All about Wixom Lake and the Wixom Lake Improvement Board

Wixom Lake Improvement Board

Gladwin and Midland Counties, Michigan

Rules and Objectives

The Wixom Lake Improvement Project, funded by the Wixom Lake Special Assessment District, operates under the following rules and objectives:
The primary objective of the project is the control of invasive exotic plants, which left alone, would quickly become the dominant plant species in Wixom Lake.

The secondary objective of the project is to provide access for lake residents through weed-choked shallow areas to the deeper portions of the lake.

Once the invasive exotic plants are brought under control, remaining funds will be used to control nuisance growth of other aquatic plants including wild celery (Vallisneria americana). These efforts may include mechanical harvesting in which plants are cut and removed from the lake and may also include spot-treatments with contact herbicides.

Control efforts for nuisance native plants will be conducted on a priority basis with the worst areas being addressed first, provided that sufficient funds remain after the invasive exotic treatments are completed.

Providing a “clean” swimming area is NOT an objective of the project.

If residents desire the removal of nuisance native plants from their beach or shallow swimming area, it is suggested that they purchase a “lake rake” to manually remove weeds, or purchase and operate a “weed roller” which operates as a slow-moving hydraulic roller arm that limits growth within a given area.

As in past years, while mechanical harvesting operations are ongoing (usually late June through early July), residents can bring aquatic plant material to the nearest active transfer site (where plants are off-loaded from the harvester to an on-shore trailer). The harvesting contractor has again agreed to dispose of the aquatic plant material that is dropped off. Keep in mind that this does NOT include, garden waste, tree branches, grass clippings, etc., only aquatic plants will be accepted.   

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