Wild celery
(Vallisneria americana)

(Ceratophyllum demersum)

(Najas sp.)

Water stargrass
(Heteranthera dubia)

(Chara sp.)

Percent occurrence of native species in 2019


All about Wixom Lake and the Wixom Lake Improvement Board

Wixom Lake Improvement Board

Gladwin and Midland Counties, Michigan

Native Aquatic Plants in Wixom Lake

Maintaining a diversity of beneficial plants is as important as controlling nuisance and exotic species. In order to evaluate the overall health of the aquatic plant community in Wixom Lake, assessments have been conducted periodically since 2002 in accordance with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Procedures for Aquatic Vegetation Surveys. With these procedures, the distribution and relative abundance of all plant species is recorded. As indicated in the graphs below, Wixom Lake maintains a good diversity of native submersed plants. Remember, the goal of the Wixom Lake plant control program is to prevent the spread of invasive and exotic plants while maintaining beneficial plant species.