Lake and Watershed Facts

Wixom Lake was created by the construction of the Edenville Dam in 1925. The dam impounds the waters of both the Tobacco and Tittabawassee Rivers. Wixom Lake was first mapped by the Michigan Department of Conservation in 1951. The lake has a total surface area of about 2,000 acres. In 2014, a hydroacoustic survey was conducted on the portion of Wixom Lake east of the M-30 bridge, and a new depth contour map was created for that portion of the lake. The path of the original river bed is clearly visible on the new map.

The shoreline development factor indicates the degree of irregularity in the shape of the shoreline. That is, compared to a perfectly round lake with the same surface area as Wixom Lake (i.e., 2,162 acres), the shoreline of Wixom Lake is nearly 13 times longer due to its convoluted shape.

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Important Notice: This website was created by the Wixom Lake Improvement Board to provide information regarding various management activities on the lake. With the failure of the Edenville dam in May of 2020, the lake was lost. Since that time, the Wixom Lake Improvement Board has become temporarily inactive. However, this website is being maintained for informational purposes. To find out more about the status of the lake, visit the Four Lakes Task Force website.

Gladwin and Midland Counties, Michigan


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