Gladwin and Midland Counties, Michigan


All about Wixom Lake and the Wixom Lake Improvement Board

Wixom Lake Improvement Board

Complaint Form

Once the plant control season has started, if you feel that your area of the lake has not been adequately treated or harvested, you may fill out a Wixom Lake complaint form. Please do not submit this form before the season begins.

Please use the appropriate page of the form based on the location of your residence. Complaint forms can also be obtained from the following locations:

Gladwin County Drain Commissioner's Office, 555 West Cedar Avenue, County Annex, Gladwin

Midland County Drain Commissioner's Office, 220 West Ellsworth, Room 229-30, Midland

Billings Township Hall, 1050 Estey Road, Beaverton

Hope Township Hall, 5244 North Hope Road, Hope

Send the completed form to Gladwin County Drain Commisioner's Office. Do not return complaint forms to the townships.